The story behind our brand: Seeing possibilities

We've created a new video to show you the story behind our brand. Discover what makes us tick.

You'll surely have noticed that we look a bit different. Starting from June 2015, we are launching our new company logo and adopting a new look & feel. From now on this will gradually be incorporated in all our communication, like our website, brochures, advertisements and packaging.

Curious to know why? Watch our new brand video to learn a bit more about the big idea behind our Lamb Weston brand.

Although we might look different, for our customers nothing much will change. Our values and starting points will stay unchanged. We simply believe that this new approach and way of communicating will help us to better tell our story to our existing and potential customers, and be consistent in it on a global scale. As a global player - we're currently in the top 3 - we want to make sure that you will recognize our brand anywhere, whether you will buy us in Spain, Sweden, Japan or Argentina.

Curious about our company?
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