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Sweet Potatoes

A unique mix of sweet potato taste and savoury coating. As a side dish on your menu, these fries offer even more variety and choice for your customers.

What's in it for me

  • Perfect as an LTO
  • 2 original & fun cutsizes
  • A family-favourite

What's in it for me

  • More variety in side dishes
  • Healthy, low-fat alternative
  • A family-favourite
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Sweet 'n Savour Crispy Fries

Storage times

* -6°C - 1 week, ** -12°C - 1 month, ***/**** -18°C - 18 months


The cooked product will have a full potato flavour and a gentle sweet potato flavour taste from the seasoning, with no off flavours present.


The cooked product has a slighty crisp bite , with a uniform smooth interior

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Download the specsheet of this product

Sweet potatoes are here to stay

In all styles and cuts, they appeal to an ever-expanding audience looking to try something a little different, a little tastier, a little better for you.
It’s the smart way to upgrade your menu while sweetening the bottom line.

Your customers will happily pay more for a smaller portion of Sweet Potato Fries than white potato fries. Based on global research, their sweet taste and variety of cuts, forms and seasonings makes them a strong alternative to what customers would eat at home. As an additional side dish on your menu, they offer even more variety and choice, and with even more servings per kilogram they guarantee customer satisfaction.

Sweet Potatoes’ core benefits:
- A healthy, low-fat alternative to white potato fries
- Available in a variety of types and cuts
- Increases variety of side dishes
- On trend
- Value adding
- Differentiating
- High versatility

Cooking times oven

± 12-16 min. 200°C

Cooking times fryer

± 2:30 min. 175°C

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