Food Goodness - Are you ready?

‘Excuse me sir, is there any lactose in this dish?’ ‘Do you have any vegan options?’ ‘What exactly is in this dressing?’ None of these questions will sound unfamiliar to you. Healthy and natural food is on the rise. People are more and more aware of their choices when it comes to food. Customers have started thinking more in terms of nutrition, opposed to simply eating whatever they want. Is your restaurant ready for this trend called Food Goodness?

Before you can actually decide whether your restaurant is ready for this trend, it might come in handy to know what it exactly is. People are simply more and more informed about their food. They want to know all about the ingredients and prefer their meals to be local, traceable and served according to the season in order for it to be as fresh and nutritional as possible. Back in the days the healing powers of food were a given. Now this level of consciousness is coming back and is stronger than ever. People use food as internal cosmetics again, and food is seen as part of a bigger whole. Since natural food often literally is found in nature, a lot of value is attached to nature as well. Vegan or vegetarian eating is gaining popularity. Consumers want to be assured that their products are developed in a sustainable manner. Guests look for food that fuels their body AND soul.

So what’s in it for you? The goal for you as a chef is to improve the nutritional quality of the food you serve your guests. Offer food that’s wholesome and beneficial for people’s health.

Serving your guests healthy options. Ok. Sounds quite simple. But how can you implement this trend in your restaurant? Start with selecting honest ingredients of high quality: that’s what Food Goodness is all about! An efficient way to do this is to offer a menu based on the seasons. Seasonal food is tastier and more nutritious, because it doesn’t need to be stored. Therefore no artificials are added for the preservability. Besides that the products don’t have to be transported over long distances, which contributes to sustainability. On your menu we also recommend to use more ‘free from…’ products. Think about gluten-, dairy- or wheat-free dishes. Be clear and informative about the ingredients used in your dishes and proud on to explain their origin.

And last but not least: don’t forget to communicate the fact that you are aware of the importance of Food Goodness. Communicate health benefits. For example on the menu and in the interior, or by using signs.

Is your restaurant ready for Food Goodness?