How to become a real Frytologist

Everybody can fry, right? Well… not really. Frying fries is a craft. Real Frytologists understand the art of frying and serve their guests perfect fries. Every time. We’re glad to help.

Naturally, as a chef, you take your job seriously. You make sure your meat and your fish are perfect; of high quality and responsibly produced. Cooked well. Your vegetables and salads are crisp and fresh, prepared and presented tastefully. Added to this, pasta, rice, quinoa, potatoes or fries. At least as important. We call them side dishes, which is a shame.

Fries come first
Try serving a delicious dish that includes fries. What will be the first thing your guests reach for? Exactly! A fresh, warm and crispy fry. There’s a considerable chance they will be less enthusiastic about the rest of the food if the fries aren’t up to scratch. In short, your fries need to be perfect. In fact, fries deserve a bigger role than any of the other ingredients on the plate. Not just because people love them, but also because they help you improve your business by making it more profitable. More about this later, but first, the perfect fries.

We do everything in our power to realise the perfect fry. This starts with planting the potatoes, after which they are harvested, stored, processed and tested, until finally, they are delivered at your doorstep. We provide clever tips and practical advice to allow you to serve your customers the perfect fries, because perfection is the name of the game.

You are in charge
As stated, we ensure the perfect fries, in the shape and flavour of your choosing. Well… your guests really. We like to help – with tips like “devise your own topping “(with cheddar and jalapenos for example), “serve your fries in a special way” (such as in a Weck jar) or “give your fries a spicy twist” (think of Thai herbs and spices).

But, you are the last and most important link in the chain. The chef. You are the frytologist! The end result is in your own hands. Literally. The finishing touch, your own twist or unique presentation style. You’re in charge.

Welcome to the world of frytology. Join the movement! You’re most welcome.