How to fry the perfect fry

We'd be happy to help you get the most out of our fries. Delivered 'back of house' in the best possible condition, our fries are ready to become the 'hero' of your dish. We provide advice from delivery to counter to ensure this is always the case.

This advice is not just guesswork. We make every effort to closely scrutinise the entire process, from the planting of the potatoes to the fries served. Our people undergo intense internal quality training. This is why we know what we're talking about.

Handle with care

It starts with how you handle and store the boxes of fries. These boxes are designed for flat stacking for greater stability. You may sometimes have too little space or are in a hurry. You then end up storing the box in the freezer or refrigerator on its side. But when you remove the fries from the bag, you discover to your dismay that they've broken into small pieces. Why is this so distressful? Because all those small pieces mean that you'll need more fries to create a visually equal portion. And you'll end up with fewer portions from that box. It's as simple as that. So you need to handle the boxes and bags carefully.

First in, first out

What also happens often is to grab the packages in the top boxes first. Fast, easy and convenient. Of course, this means that the fries stored the longest are at the bottom. After all, frozen fries also have an expiration date. How long have those boxes been sitting there anyway? So always use the oldest fries before the newer ones: first in, first out. This way, you can be sure that you use the oldest stock first.

Oil and temperature

To serve excellent quality fries, everything should be coordinated properly. The fries must be stored correctly and kept frozen as long as possible. Your frying oil should be clean and always set to the right temperature. We recommend using a timer and not frying too many at a time: fill a third and no more than one-half of the frying basket. Our best tip is to simply follow the instructions on the package. Together with the tips given here, that's the best way to guarantee our top quality.

Of course, quality can always be improved. The better we get to know you as a chef, the better we can adapt our products to your style of cooking. Do our products meet your expectations and are they tailored to the equipment in your kitchen? What are your needs? How can we help you make our fries even better? Your feedback is golden! Together we develop solutions that benefit everyone. To make things better today and even better tomorrow.