Meet Frytologist Chef Diego

Meet Chef Diego, one of the first Frytologists. This Dutch chef invented The World’s Most Expensive Hamburger and thus gained international recognition as a hamburger chef. Diego stays ahead of trends, uses his creativity and knows that quality is king. As a Frytologist he has a unique position to transfer his passion for the perfect fry to other chefs worldwide.

Diego’s popularity started in 2015 when winning - working as a chef in a hotel kitchen - a first prize during the Best Burger of Rotterdam Competition. A year later he came close again, and managed to come in second. But 2017 was the year of his real claim to fame. In an attempt to come up with something special on Hamburger Day he made the most expensive hamburger (for one person) on the globe.

Gold leaf on top

What on earth makes this such an exclusive burger? Think caviar, Dutch lobster, Japanese dry aged Wagyu beef. A bun with saffron, foie gras, white truffle, Remeker cheese, Japanese fruit tomato and gold leaf on top. Just to name a few ingredients. In total these amounted to a staggering 2.050 euro (1.824 GBP), enough to get it mentioned in the World’s Guinness Book of Records.

On a roll

The hamburger comes from the US of A, no doubt about that. A country that inspires Diego. “I use social media to stay on top of what’s happening. Unfortunately I am too busy to go there myself. With what? As from the moment the most expensive hamburger got recognized I started working for myself and ever since I have been on a roll. I opened up pop-up hamburger restaurants in four Dutch cities this last Summer and have been getting invitations from all over the world. Like the official opening event of BurgerHub in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. And I also just published my first own hamburger book!”

New trend: loaded fries

“I always pursue quality. This also goes for fries.” Diego isn’t the only one. The demand for high quality products keeps on growing. “Good quality hamburgers with meat from sustainable sources, on bread without additives and top class fries on the side. A burger without fries isn’t a burger.” There is also a creative trend going on: “It’s not just about cooking fries, these also need a touch of creativity. Like loaded fries: French fries covered with extra ingredients such as bacon, cheddar or bbq sauce. An extra opportunity to give these a twist of your own.”

Share knowledge with chefs

Making hamburgers is something Diego has mastered in every aspect. “On the other hand, as Frytologist I have the opportunity to really get to know the art of serving the perfect fry. With the support of Lamb Weston I share my knowledge with other independent chefs who strive for that same goal. Together we have figured out in detail how to explain the steps from potato to high quality fries in the best possible way. From storage to preparation to presentation. Once you have mastered these steps, you can call yourself a Frytologist.”