Serving the world with potato solutions

For us, customer value always comes first. And as one of the world’s leading companies in frozen potato products and appetizers and ingredient solutions we work tirelessly to offer world-class products and services. Product solutions and services are part of our lifeblood


Inventive thinking

When we look at a potato, we don't just see a potato. We see possibilities.

Seeing possibilities in sustainability

Bas Alblas (CEO): "Today, declining soil health is a major global issue, it is absolutely vital that we tackle this with enough resources and focus."

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Food Goodness - Are you ready?

‘Excuse me sir, is there any lactose in this dish?’ ‘Do you have any vegan options?’ ‘What exactly is in this dressing?’ None of these questions will sound unfamiliar to you. Healthy and natural food is on the rise. People are more and more aware of their choices when it comes to food. Customers have started thinking more in terms of nutrition, opposed to simply eating whatever they want. Is your restaurant ready for this trend called Food Goodness?

Seeing possibilities in people

We empower our employees to discover all their talents and to be the best they can be. A career with us broadens your horizon.

We believe that empowered employees are the cornerstones of any successful business. So we encourage our employees to support each other, to learn, take initiative and grow. Creativity and entrepreneurship are appreciated.