Our brand

Our brand manifesto

Let's hear it for the potato. It’s the world’s third most important crop. And as populations grow, so does demand for more potatoes. Better technology. Tastier recipes. Greener processes. Game-changing ideas and more inventive thinking. That’s where we come in. As global industry leaders, it’s our responsibility to always be two steps ahead. Always challenge the status quo. Forever ask ‘What if?’. And never, ever settle.

We believe our inventiveness will help change the world in ways that won’t just satisfy our growing population, but nourish the environment and advance the industry too. When we look at a potato, we don’t just see a potato. We see possibilities.

Two happy Lamb Weston employees in one of the plants

Our Brand History

Every great invention starts with a little curiosity. ‘Is there a better way to cut a potato?’ was something the brand founder, Gilbert Lamb, asked. With some inspiration from the game of softball, this question inspired the creation of our Water Gun knife. Still the industry standard today. We created Twister fries. Crisscuts. We pioneered technology that brought french fry quality into the 21st century.

Our US sweet potato plant is the greenest in its class, saving 400,000 gallons of water a year. We purify the wastewater in our factories to such a degree that it can be reused in our production process. Some of our best ideas come from left field and even though not all ideas lead somewhere, the important thing is to always keep trying. It’s up to each of us at Lamb Weston to always keep challenging, keep asking questions. When we look at a potato, we see possibilities.