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With our innovative potato products we mean to add value to your menu. We help satisfy your guests' cravings by offering products that suit today's consumer needs for any moment of the day. Take your pick from our vast range of excellent fries, tasty potato specialties and profitable appetizers.

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Impress your customers with the industry’s most impressive lineup of potato products and appetizers.

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Shaking Up The Casual Dining Show 2018

Providing inspiration across pub, bar and casual dining menus, Lamb Weston will be showcasing and sampling innovative potato solutions at this year’s Casual Dining Show. Visit Stand M401, to explore concepts such as Connoisseur Chunky Fries, Connoisseur Rustic Fries and Sweet Potato CrissCut® Fries and receive world-class advice in facilitating memorable food experiences. 

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Always looking to create sustainable and profitable solutions, to future-proof your business and our planet.