Afbeelding met pijl naar beneden

The Hot2Home™ concept

The revolution in home delivery

Newly developed fries 

The Hot2Home™ concept for home delivery consists of two parts: The newly developed fries are given a special starch coating. This ultra-thin coating ensures that the fries stay crispy without losing any flavour for much longer after they come out of the deep-fat fryer. The recipe is a closely-kept secret and a revolution in the home delivery industry! The fries are available in 2 different cut sizes: 6x6 of 9x9 millimetres.

Patented fries cup

The second part of the Hot2Home™ concept is the patented fries cup. The tapered conical design and the shaped holes create a chimney effect that ventilates the moisture released from the fries cup. The packaging is big enough for a single portion. There are two sizes of fries containers: medium for 150 grams and large for 175 grams or fries.

The winning combination for home delivery

The combination of the newly developed fries, the patented fries container and the correct packaging during transport means you can serve hot crispy fries to all your customers at home.

Hot2home: hot & crispy fries for home delivery.
Hot2Home: Fries, packaging and support for home delivery

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